Pavement stabilisation:

Treating pavements with PolyCom Stabilising Aid delivers comparable results to traditional stabilising methods with regard to strength, but also imparts a high degree of water resistance and all important flexibility. It is significantly more cost effective, there are no cure-time constraints and the pavement is re-workable at anytime. All ground improvement work with PolyCom Stabilising Aid can be achieved using standard construction plant or stabilising machines.

Sub-grade improvement and capping:

PolyCom Stabilising Aid introduces water resistance, improved workability and increased strength, delivering a stronger, more resilient and environmentally sustainable platform for your project. Strengthened sub-grades deliver huge cost advantages by allowing more economic pavement designs and drainage options. Sub-grade capping substantially reduces, and can even eliminate, re-work from weather or traffic damage in cut to fill operations, again reducing project costs.

Wear course up-grade:

Wear courses on council roads, rural tracks and access roads all benefit from improvement with PolyCom. PolyCom can be incorporated into the pavement during a standard maintenance grade where remixing and re-shaping is performed. A PolyCom improved pavement will deliver extended service interval requirements with increased strength, a highly resilient surface and water resistance.

Dust and sediment control:

Tighter and more durable water resistant road surfaces produce much less fugitive dust and sediment run off to water ways. These improved surfaces are critical for the environment and are fast becoming the minimum requirement for all road builders involved in construction, energy, mining and local government. Road surfaces like this, created with PolyCom Stabilising Aid have a significantly reduced ecological impact, are not difficult to produce and are easily maintained with correct procedures.

Technical classification 
Polyacrylamide / soil stabiliser 

Sub-grade strengthening (clays, silt, loam, sand). Pavement stabilisation (pit gravel, crushed rock). Stabilisation of road formations, highways, embankments, airstrips, car parks, truck parks, trailer parks, school yards and batters. Useful on a full range of military, civil and domestic earthworks applications.  

Plant requirements                                               

No specialised plant or equipment is required. Installation of the product can be achieved by standard grader crews or stabilisation machines. 

Hazard classification                                            
As per MSDS

Physical appearance 
Blue/green crystalline powder

Handling and safety 
As per MSDS

2 kg plastic bottles

Dosage rates 
One x 2kg bottle treats 50m3 compacted. 20 parts per million OR .002%

Typical water savings 
30%-50% during construction phase

Stabilised pavement classification 

Modified pavement

MSDS sheet available upon request.

PolyCom treated road

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