Soil Stabilising Simplicity

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This 2kg pack treats 50m3

PolyCom Stabilising Aid - immediate results, long term benefits

PolyCom Stabilising Aid can stabilise almost any material commonly found in road construction or earthworks projects, from strengthening naturally occurring sub grade, to applications in crushed rock prior to sealing works and anything in between.

PolyCom challenges traditional methods of stabilising road base material by providing results comparable to cement or lime stabilisation, whilst being much easier to use and more cost effective.

PolyCom is completely different from any other polymer-based products on the market. It can be used with your existing machinery: a grader, water cart and multi-wheel roller. You don't need the complicated processes associated with traditional stabilising methods. Just mix, layout and compact. 

Simply apply PolyCom via our custom made day spreader and work the ground as you normally would during your road construction or maintenance works. PolyCom comes in granular form. It mixes easily with difficult to mix materials and you can get optimum results with blade mixing.

One 2kg pack of PolyCom Stabilising Aid will cover 500m2 at 100mm depth. The comparatively small amounts of PolyCom dramatically increase the strength of your road and there are huge water savings during the road construction or maintenance process.

Your pavements will be stronger and longer lasting, more water resistant and less dusty than stabilising with the usual methods because you'll have a tighter and better bound running surface.

PolyCom has impeccable environmental and OHS credentials. There are practical, hands on, experienced PolyCom distributors in every state Australia wide who know your local conditions. 

PolyCom Stabilising Aid is designed and manufactured in Australia.


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